ServerAdminCommon githubHi all,

You may have noticed all of my blog posts about my tools have had the code removed. There’s 2 reasons to why I’m starting to do this. First is the code is hard to maintain on this website (lots of manual updates vs central repo commit pipeline).

I like to take input from people who have started using my tools and regularly update the PowerShell Gallery code and update the Github repostitory with their suggestions. I also maintain a secret repository of the tools for the company I work for. This usually means that every revision of code needs to be updated in 3 repositories. I’m a big believer in continuous improvement and I don’t think that I can best serve everyone if code updates need an update to all of the blog posts every time I decide to update.

The 2nd reason I decided to remove the code is that I wanted the ServerAdminCommon help documentation to use this website. Also wanted to improve on that documentation. For example, if you use get-help -online switch, I’d really like the web posts to give good information about how you can use the functions in you day to day systems administration. However, I think the code in the previous posts was simply filling the page and not contributing anything of value.


Get-Help Get-ADPrinter -Online

That being said, if you want to inspect the source for any of the ServerAdminCommon toolset, you can:

  • Download the module from the PowerShell Gallery with the following command:

Save-Module -Name ServerAdminCommon -Path